"Dr Wallach Exercise without complete and optimal supplementation is suicide!"


Exercise without complete and optimal supplementation is suicide!

Everyone 'knows' the medical dogma that 'exercise is good for you'. Now, as Paul Harvey says, "You're going to hear the rest of the story!"

Exercise without complete and optimal supplementation is suicide! After this bombshell, I will give you enough food for thought to gauge the value and the hazards of exercise for yourself. For the past four years, I have crisscrossed America lecturing for 300 days a year. I've taken up the daily task of reading five to ten national and local newspapers and magazines (and international if I can get them). Using these sources, I have been able to 'connect the dots'. I can see a true picture of health (or lack of it) in America without having to do surveys or studies that would bridge hundreds of years and squander millions of taxpayer dollars.

Growing up in rural Missouri with the agricultural industries, I saw as a teenager that we were very systematically putting vitamins, primary and trace minerals, in animal feeds to prevent disease. This is not because we are altruistic, but because we are market driven. We don't have a 'major medical plan' for calves and chickens. If we were to use a human health care system for them, your hamburger would cost you $275 a pound. We also learned that 'working and producing animals' need added nutrients 'above and beyond' to support them during 'production time' to maintain their muscle and organ systems. As a postdoctoral fellow at Washington University, I worked on a $7.5 million training grant to cross-educate 30 young scientists to do research. We learned the language of each other's specialties - math, molecular biology, pathology, medicine, engineering, anthropology, forestry, chemistry, computer science. Thus we all 'knew enough and where' to look for information and studies in professional journals. We were a 'strike-force of multi-disciplinary scientists' employed to quickly identify and solve major regional and world ecological problems with the published information already on hand.

My job, as a veterinary pathologist, was to be a comparative pathologist. I studied human and animal diseases. I was to do autopsies on animals dying of natural causes in the large zoos, and on humans as well. I was also to find a species that was ultra sensitive to pollution, one to be used as a 'biological early warning system'. To make a long story short, after autopsies on 17,500 animals (454 species) and 3,000 humans, I found that of all the humans and animals who died from 'natural causes', all died from nutritional diseases.

From these original studies, I published more than 70 peer reviewed and refereed papers on nutritional deficiency diseases. I contributed chapters to eight veterinary and medical texts, and wrote a tome on the comparative pathology of animals and humans (W.B. Saunders, 1983). Unable to convince the academic world of the value of nutrition in the 60's, I went back to school for four years and became a primary care physician. I used everything I'd learned in veterinary nutrition - and my studies as a postdoctoral fellow - for my human patients for more than 12 years.

It is important you understand my academic background to satisfy your logical question, "Where does this guy come from?" Everyone knows exercise is the Number One health activity. The unfolding picture in this article as I 'connect the dots' will make sense as you understand I've had some very unique scientific and practical background.

About ten years ago, ominous articles began to appear in the news, medical and vet journals, as well as pathology journals and ranging from injuries to deaths. Athletes suffered increased sprains, strains, degenerative joints, fractures, paralysis, unusual behaviors, fights, rages, drug and alcohol addictions, anorexia, bulimia, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, cardiopathy, and ruptured aneurysms.

It's not so surprising young athletes develop these diseases even though they are 'highly conditioned'. They have professional trainers, coaches, and nutritionists hovering over them.

In fact, it's been observed high-output un supplemented athletes, amateur and professional, are more susceptible to emotional, traumatic and degenerative diseases than the classic 'couch potato'.

Reggie Lewis, 27, Celtics captain

The rationale is simple. Comparing two fine automobiles, both with no oil or coolant. Which breaks down first? The one in the garage (couch potato), or the one doing 70 miles an hour (athlete)? A Mercedes is engineered to go 300,000 miles before an overhaul. It is clear the garaged Mercedes will last longer, irrespective of the maintenance. The 'athlete Mercedes' at 70mph would do fine - with simple oil and coolant. This Mercedes illustration is very easy. There are cases of famous athletes dying that grab the public's attention.

Reggie Lewis, 27, Celtics captain, collapsed during a game in April 1993.
Diagnosis: cardiomyopathy, a muscular dystrophy of the heart muscle from selenium deficiency.

Reggie Lewis, Sr. has been elected to the Hall of Fame for his extraordinary accomplishments in the sport of basketball.

Twelve world class cardiologists called the 'Dream Team' of cardiologists, were hired to save Reggie, a $65 million super star. They considered pharmaceuticals, pacemakers, defibrillator s, and heart transplant. Not one considered added selenium supplementation. Reggie Lewis died of his second cardiomyopathy attack on July 28, 1993.

gathers1sm.gif - 57338 Bytes
Hank Gathers, Loyola Marymount, LA, died
from a
selenium deficiency cardiomyopathy on
the basketball court in 1990 at the age of 23.

Evander Holyfield


Evander Holyfield, 31 year old two-time heavyweight boxing champion, suddenly retired from boxing. He suffered a chronic wasting of selenium deficiency myopathy known as 'stiff heart'.

Evander Holyfield began boxing in Alabama Boys Club when he was only eight years old, and twenty years later, he knocked out Buster Douglas in three rounds to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. But in 1994 doctors discovered a heart irregularity in Holyfield, and he was forced to drop out of boxing. Recently he has reversed his condition, Evander has stepped back into the ring.

Dale Taylor, a 6-foot, 225-pound linebacker, had no pulse and was not breathing when medics arrived at a university gym after he collapsed . Taylor was taken to Earl K. Long Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

BATON ROUGE, La. -- A Southern University football player who collapsed and died during onditioning drills, had the same condition that killed basketball players Reggie Lewis and Hank Gathers, a coroner said Tuesday.

Coroner Hypolite Landry said Tuesday the cause of death was an enlarged heart, also known as cardiomyopathy.

All players undergo physical exams at the start of preseason drills in August, and coach Pete Richardson said he was unaware of any pre-existing medical problem that Taylor might have had.

For each example of a famous athlete, there are literally hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of amateur athletes of all ages that 'fit the profile'. Consider the case of 40 year old cyclist dead of cardio-myopathy in Jacksonville, Florida; consider the high school athlete from a backwater town in Missouri or Oregon who goes berserk, develops diabetes or dies suddenly on the field of play - those are just as valuable in 'connecting the dots'.

In 1965 it was proven in animal studies that the trace mineral selenium was essential to life. A deficiency of selenium produces a variety of diseases from cardiomyopathy (in animals 'Mulberry heart disease' or 'white muscle disease') to muscular dystrophy. Added 37 year-old research that proved that cardiomyopathy was 100% preventable and in the early stages of diagnosis cured with selenium supplementation.

In Keshan Province, People's Republic of China, Keshan disease (cardiomyopathy) killed 13 out of every 1,000 preschool children, teens, and pregnant mothers. The soil in Keshan is nearly devoid of selenium. In the 1930's, Keshan Disease was thought to be a viral infection. In the '60s it was thought to be from mold contaminants in stored grain. It wasn't until 1972, when the World Health Organization sent a team of pathologists to China to study Keshan Disease, the mystery was solved.

"There are literally tens of thousands in America, in all age groups, dying each year while running. Cardiomyopathy, ruptured cerebral, coronary, or aortic aneurysm ... it's a shame! All are preventable." - Dr. Joel Wallach

On the WHO team was a veterinary pathologist who recognized that Keshan Disease was identical to 'Mulberry' heart disease in pigs - curable with selenium. To prove the connection, WHO funded a double blind study in Keshan of 39,000 school children. With daily selenium supplementation children's deaths were zero, the others in the (un supplemented) control group remained unchanged.

A selenium deficiency is worsened by exercise. Further damage is caused by polyunsaturated fats and oils found in salad dressings, frying oils, margarine, and frozen and soft deserts.

It is a sad fact that commercial animal feed contains optimal amounts of selenium. It is there specifically to prevent cardiomyopathy. Yet sports medicine physicians, trainers and coaches remain uninformed.

Much is still made of the 'four food groups', primarily because of bias in the medical community against vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Buster Douglas, once heavyweight boxing champion, developed diabetes and died after a diabetic coma two years after losing the championship. Adult onset diabetes is caused by chromium and vanadium deficiencies.

Tanya Harding (skating), Jennifer Capriotti (tennis) both became sociopathic (i.e. aggression, drug and alcohol addiction) after years in sports. Deficiencies of chromium, vanadium, and/or lithium are associated with volatile behavior, sociopathy, depression, and addictions (especially with sugar).

Running is often a 'fitness' curative. Yet numerous world class runners have lost their lives by not supplementing. Jim Fixx, 'father of joggers', who started the jogging craze in America, died at the age of 48 following his fifth cardiomyopathic attack. He purposely did not supplement. He wanted to prove that running was a 'pure' way to health and longevity.

Dr. George Sheehan, medical editor for Running World Magazine, died at 74 from prostrate cancer though he ran for 25 years. Dr. Sheehan had no interest in supplements. "Nutrition, to my mind, occupies an area somewhere between religion and science, and is a confusing amalgam of these great subjects," he says.

A National Cancer Institute study shows that faithful daily use of even a 'small' doubling of the RDA for beta carotene, vitamin E, and selenium, reduces the cancer rate by 13 to 21 percent.

There are literally tens of thousands of people in America, of all ages, who die each year while running from a ruptured cerebral, coronary, or aortic aneurysm. Aneurysms were proven to be the result of a copper deficiency in turkeys in 1957.

Fred LaBeau, 56, a world class runner and founder of the New York Marathon, and Wilma Rudolph, 54, winner of 3 gold medals in track, both died of brain cancer. Animals placed on a gallium deficient diet reproduce the same cancer.

A spectacular statistic that 'connects the dots' and completes the picture, is the last clue to clearly show that exercise without supplementation is suicide!

A new study reveals 62% of women gymnasts (at University level) are anorexic and/or bulimic. Anorexia/bulimia are a zinc deficiency aggravated by malabsorption, i.e. celiac disease.

Is it genetic, this connection between gymnasts and eating disorders? I believe not. What is the common denominator that 'connects the dots' between an 85 pound gymnast, the lithe runner, the 220 pound heavy weight boxing champion, and the 6'-11" basketball star? Sweat!

When we perspire, we sweat out more than just water to cool an overheated body. We sweat out more than electrolytes (potassium, sodium, and chloride). We sweat out all 72 of the essential minerals.

If we don't consciously replace them (the minerals so important to our cell's health) by supplementation - - we are inviting disaster!

  • If we sweat out all of our selenium during exercise, and don't replace it by supplementation, we are at high risk of cardiomyopathy.
  • If we sweat out our chromium and vanadium, and don't replace it by supplementation, we are at high risk of low blood sugar, diabetes, depression, and antisocial behavior.
  • If we sweat out our lithium, and don't replace with supplementation, we are at high risk of depression, manic depression, and addictions to drugs and alcohol.
  • If we sweat out our copper, and don't replace with supplementation, we are at high risk of joint and/or cartilage damage, varicose veins and fatal aneurysm.
  • If we sweat out our gallium, and don't replace with supplementation, we are at high risk of brain tumor.
  • If we sweat out our calcium, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, boron, and strontium, and don't replace with supplementation, we are at high risk of joint, cartilage, and bone degeneration (arthritis), and hairline bone fractures.

Athletes, especially at University and professional levels, are supposed to have their tables filled with the very best foods. Yet the only guarantee they get from their foods are protein, fats, carbohydrates and calories. Depending on food for vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals is, at best, a crap shoot.

Anyone with common sense can see it. The average person with common sense wouldn't throw their life away by not supplementing with the known 91 essential nutrients each day.

Certainly then, the highly conditioned athlete, who invests time and money in their training and fitness, would not throw their health or life away by not supplementing with all the essential nutrients.

Yet the majority of people who exercise don't supplement. They have bought into the medical dogma, "-- you don't need to supplement - you get what you need form the four food groups."

Possibly the proof of their lack of nutritional knowledge is in their life expectancy, just 58 years for an MD. Physician's are failing to tell their patients American agricultural soils have been depleted of minerals for 50 years as a result of intensive farming without mineral replacement. They fail to make the connection that the food on the dinner plate is anemic. US Anemic Earth states that our farm and range soils are depleted. It was written in 1936. US population has doubled in the same period. More recently, Earth Summit in Rio (1992), reports that American farm and range soils are 85% depleted of minerals compared with soils of 100 years ago.

There is a clear and present danger. It is one with potentially fatal effect to each and everyone of us. We are eating minerally depleted foods.

The plague of illnesses seen spreading across America? Even the couch potatoes out there, you aren't getting what you need from your food for minimum health maintenance. Take heed!

You athletes, Your danger is hugely magnified by exercise. Take heed!

Minerals are essential to life itself!

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