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Located in Emery, Utah USA, The Rockland Mine is the largest humic shale mine in the world. At the present time, Rockland has more than 1,000 acres of mining leases containing an estimated 320 million metric tons of humic shale reserves, which is sufficient to produce 950 billion gallons of Colloidal Minerals. The mine reserves could produce enough product to last approximately 500 years if every person in the world drank two ounces of Colloidal Minerals every day.

What is Humic Shale?
Humic shale ore is the result of Mother Nature's own incubation. 70 million years ago, Earth's fertile, mineral-rich soils produced wholesome, succulent wild fruits and vegetables and lush green forests. This was an era when, supposedly, the soils near the earth's crust contained at least 84 minerals. The numerous mineral elements available at the time may explain why a tree grew 10 feet in height its first year, or why the plant-eating brontosaurus reached a body weight of 70,000 pounds yet had a mouth no larger than a horse. According to science, all life at that time, whether plant or animal was extremely healthy and it is assumed that this was a direct result of the plants' ability to extract at least 77 mineral from the soil. (This is a far cry from the number of minerals available from the average soil throughout the world today.)

As the thick growth of vegetation died, it accumulated in large piles and years later, it was buried from rock and mudflows and deposits of sand and silt. The weight of the overflow compacted or compressed out all of the moisture, and what remains today is a deposit of dried, prehistoric plant derivatives. This is known as humic shale.Humic shale contains plant derived hydrophilic minerals which are very small in size compared to metallic minerals which come from ground up rocks and soil. Because plant minerals were, in essence, chelated, digested or pre-assimilated by the plant, they are much more effective in a shorter period of time than metallic minerals. The "quicker response" is the direct result of the fact that a plant mineral was predigested which eliminates the time required for total dissolvement. The additional effectiveness also comes from a hydrophilic mineral's greater overall surface area due to its small size. Many people in the nutritional and agronomy fields predict humic shale ore will eventually change the farming and eating habits of the world. Slowly but surely, humic shale is being recognized as an excellent soil builder to replace minerals in mineral deficient soils. It is easy to understand why this product should be used as a fertilizer or soil enhancer. The average farmer fertilizes mineral deficient soil with only about 4 (mostly metallic) minerals. He could not make a profit if he attempted to fertilize with 10 or 12 minerals. The costs would be prohibitive! However, humic shale contains at least 84 minerals and when comparing the cost to the average metallic industrial fertilizers, is proportionately the same. The humic shale from The Rockland Mine has an extremely
high humic acid content that adds to its superior quality.

Additionally, a properly proportioned amount of humic shale in fowl or animal feed is known to provide many benefits overall. This is also easily understood when one realizes the average food (fruit, vegetable, plant or grain) of today only contains about 20 or fewer minerals.

Humic shale can also be utilized for the production of liquid hydrophilic minerals for human and animal consumption. This can be accomplished by placing humic shale in a food grade vat or tank. The shale is then covered with cool, contaminant-free water for a period of days. More than 70 water-soluble minerals are leached from the humic shale to become part of the liquid during this undisturbed leaching period. The leaching time required is dependent upon the mineral strength or total dissolved solids (TDS) desired in the finished product. The finished product is dark gold in color but brilliantly clear. Hydrophilic minerals never settle out of the liquid. Due to a plant derived hydrophilic mineral's size to weight ratio, it always remains suspended in water in Earth's gravitational field. The shelf life of this pure food is indefinite and may be hundreds of years. It will always remain consistent so long as the water is not allowed to evaporate. If evaporation were to occur, powdered appearing minerals would remain. If water were added to the powder, it would become a liquid mineral again, with all of the powder in suspension.

After this prehistoric deposit was discovered in 1926, many trial and error tests revealed that minerals could be extracted from the Humic Shale with water through a natural leaching process. These plant-derived minerals have been sold to millions of satisfied customers.

Nothing such as citric acid or hot water is used to force mineral extraction and nothing is added to the product, not even color. It is one of the purest and most natural products on earth. Each quart of Colloidal Minerals contains approximately 38,000 milligrams of 7 major minerals and approximately 70 trace minerals. This vast number of minerals seems out of proportion when you realize that our fruits, vegetables and grains of today contain an average of no more than 16 to 20 minerals. Even our meats and dairy products lack the minerals they contained a few short generations ago. Majestic Earth Colloidal Minerals can help supplement a body's daily mineral needs, and because its minerals come from plants, it is one of the most absorbable nutrients one can use. The recommended usage for an average adult is 2 ounces per day mixed with a favorite fruit or vegetable juice.

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