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"Humic shale" is a unique source of plant derived colloidal minerals. Humic shale originated from plants some 75 million Years ago, those lush tropical plants took up the 60 plus metallic minerals available to them from a fertile soil that had as many as 84 minerals. The ancient soil was so rich with minerals that trees grew as much as 25 feet per year and the great brontosaurus or "thunder lizard" attained a body weight of 140,000 Pounds (70,000 tons) with a mouth no larger than that of a horse - the ability of the brontosaurus to attain such a bulk with so little a mouth meant he was consuming plants rich with concentrated mineral nutrients.

A volcanic eruption covered these mineral rich forests with a thin layer of mud and ash, thick enough to create an air-tight "vault" and dried or desiccated the plants into a deep accumulation of "hay," but not deep enough or heavy enough to pressurize the dried plant material into coal or oil.

The entombed humic shale never fossilized or petrified, in other words they never became rocks - just compressed, dried, prehistoric "hay" that contains large amounts of plant derived colloidal minerals , Humic shale can be used as an excellent soil conditioner for organic gardens, farms and ranches as it supplies a rich source of humus and no less than 60 plant derived colloidal minerals.

Humic shale can also be ground into a fine plant flour and soaked for three to four weeks in filtered spring water until it reaches a specific gravity of 3.0, it then provides a high quality plant derived colloidal mineral supplement that contains 38 grams of plant derived colloidal minerals per liter.

It takes 78 pounds of humic shale to reach the concentration of 38 grams of colloidal minerals per liter; the 78 pounds of humic shale represents approximately 1034 pounds of lush prehistoric green mineral rich plants.The fluid extract of high grade humic shale contains no less than 60 plant derived colloidal minerals and is 98 % available for animals and humans.

If we are to flourish and fulfill our genetic potential for health and longevity we must supplement with all ninety essential nutrients including 60 minerals. Anything less is to tragically throw away one's life.

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Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals can be good for your health.

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