Our Earth Is Anemic

Our Earth Is Anemic

The settling of the Americas by Europeans in the Great Plains of the Midwest United States introduced dry land farming that relied on rain and snow as water sources for agriculture - land was free for the taking all one had to do was clear the forests or plow the prairies. Unfortunately, without the annual flooding and supply of silt supplied in the great flood plains of the hydrolic societies and smaller river bottoms the land "played out" in five to ten years forcing the small farm family to pack up and move west to new still "virgin" or untilled soils.

The first signs that the soil was "played out" did not appear as obvious changes in the crops, but rather in the humans and livestock relying on the land as a food source. The newborn calves, lambs and pigs were underweight, weak and died, cows, ewes and sows became infertile, pneumonia and flu killed people and animals of all ages during the winter, adult humans and animals died of new unheard of diseases many years before their expected time for death. To escape these terrible places of death and despair people unceremoniously packed up and left.

Those who could not or would not leave their exhausted homesteads finally observed declines in production, followed by outright crop failure, erosion and dust bowl formation. This scenario occurred over and over on small individual farms of America finally culminating in a total ecological collapse that produced the great dust bowls of Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas in the 1930's.

The problem of the soil "playing out" was not a mystery but an accepted part of the process of life and death in dry land farming plains communities. There were numerous ways in which to slow the process including the biblical method of letting the land rest every seventh year, the application of animal manure to replace used up organic matter, green manure (plant debris or ground cover crops grown to specifically protect against wind erosion, hold moisture and add nitrogen to the soil), composing plant and animal wastes to add to the humus of the soil and the application of guano (large quantities of nitrogen rich droppings from shore birds) and lastly the commercial fertilizers. These procedures and applications only slowed or delayed the process of crop failure while initially keeping tonnage and bushel production up.

While nearly all farmers understand the necessity to maintain the optimal level of organic material and humus in their fields to sustain tonnage production, very few realize the slow insidious leaching and depletion of the life giving minerals (mining) from their land - after all we pay them for tons and bushels, not for an analysis of minimal levels of various minerals in each carrot, potato, broccoli, or bushel of wheat or rice! This belief is summed up in a statement by a professor of soils from Iowa State College of Agriculture Henry Cantwell Wallace (George Washington Carver's favorite teacher and editor of the Wallace's Farmer ), "Nations endure only as long as their topsoil." The statement should relay the message that "Nations endure only as long as nutritional minerals are available in their top soils!"

Minerals are essential to life itself!

It is a little known fact that colloidal minerals have been consumed in America as a bottled supplement since 1926. Each quart of Majestic Earth plant derived colloidal mineral solution contains up to 77 minerals in their unaltered organically bound colloidal form. These minerals are leached from a prehistoric plant material known as "humic shale" which comes from Southeastern Utah.

Humic shale is pulverized and placed in large food grade vats and submerged in purified cool water and allowed to leach naturally and undisturbed for many weeks. During this period the plant derived minerals blend with the water to form an organic colloidal concentrate we affectionately call Majestic Earth.

Depending on whose research you look at there may be as many as 60 essential minerals are missing from our diet, disease or even death can occur. Minerals never occurred in a uniform blanket around the crust of the Earth but rather were and are today found in veins. It was always a throw of the dice what minerals and how much of each were found in any given field. Therefore it has always been a throw of the dice who gets what deficiency disease.

To eliminate random mineral deficiency disease in livestock the agricultural industry added minerals and trace minerals to feed pellets so that every mouthful the animal consumed contained optimal levels of minerals. By contrast humans have historically been told that "you can get everything you need from your four food groups." You can not get everything you need from your four food groups!

We have used the simple fertilizer NPK for over 100 years in America for maximum yields of tons and bushels per acre, as a result our form and range soils are exhausted of organic material and depleted of essential minerals. Therefore, it is more important now than ever before to supplement our diets with mineral.

Each quart of Majestic Earth plant derived colloidal minerals contains 19,000 mg of dissolved minerals. Because Majestic Earth is a natural product, color and taste may vary.
1. Store in cool environment after opening.
2. Majestic Earth may have an unpleasant in its concentrated form.
3. Suggested as a food for special dietary use. For adults, mix one ounce per 100 pounds of body weight 1 to 2 times daily. For children, one teaspoon for every 20 pounds body weight. Drink during or after meals, one to three times a day or as desired with your favorite fruit or vegetable juice.
4. As with any nutritional supplement program, check with your health professional

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Minerals are essential to life itself!

Trace Minerals in Majestic Earth Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals







Aluminum mg/l 1490 Mercury mg/l 0.00045
Antimony mg/l 0.185 Molybdenum mg/l 0.001
Arsenic mg/l .005 Neodymium mg/l 0.375
Barium mg/l 0.105 Nickel mg/l 1.345
Beryllium mg/l 0.08 Niobium mg/l >0.01
Bismuth mg/l 0.0025 Osmium mg/l 0.0045
Boron mg/l 1.525 Palladium mg/l 0.001
Bromine mg/l 0.055 Phosphorus mg/l 0.005
Cadmium mg/l 0.031 Platinum mg/l >0.001
Calcium mg/l 140 Potassium mg/l 8.45
Carbon mg/l 60 Praseodymium mg/l 0.0325
Cerium mg/l 0.55 Rhenium mg/l 0.002
Cesium mg/l 0.003 Rhodium mg/l 0.00045
Chloride mg/l 140 Rubidium mg/l 0.0435
Chromium mg/l 0.105 Ruthenium mg/l 0.0015
Cobalt mg/l 1.075 Samarium mg/l 0.0425
Copper mg/l 0.11 Scandium mg/l 0.045
Dysprosium mg/l 0.045 Selenium mg/l 0.0075
Mineral Units Amount Mineral Units Amount
Erbium  mg/l  0.04  Silicon  mg/l  95 
Europium mg/l 0.002 Silver mg/l 0.0001
Fluoride mg/l 0.06 Sodium mg/l 82.5
Gadolinium mg/l 0.075 Strontium mg/l 1.05
Gallium mg/l 0.006 Sulfur(sulfate) mg/l 12075
Germanium mg/l 0.33 Tantalum mg/l 0.003
Gold mg/l >0.001 Tellurium mg/l 0.015
Hafnium mg/l 0.0015 Terbium mg/l 0.0175
Holmium mg/l 0.0055 Thallium mg/l 0.425
Indium mg/l 0.0005 Thorium mg/l 0.0025
Iodine mg/l >0.005 Thulium mg/l 0.007
Iridium mg/l >0.005 Tin mg/l 0.0155
Iron mg/l 320 Titanium mg/l 0.085
Lanthanum mg/l 0.195 Tungsten mg/l >0.003
Lead mg/l 0.005 Vanadium mg/l 0.0495
Lithium mg/l 5.45 Ytterbium mg/l 0.055
Lutetium mg/l 0.0105 Nitrogen(kjeldahl) mg/l 576
Magnesium mg/l 370 Zinc mg/l 397.5
Manganese mg/l 14 Zirconium mg/l 0.105

Majestic Earth Colloidal Minerals

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