Dr. Wallach's new Colloidal Mineral Nutritional Company call 888-249-4464.


Dr. Wallach's new Colloidal Mineral Nutritional Company call 888-249-4464.


Doctor Wallach
Dr. Joel Wallach

We endorse and promote only Dr Wallach, Dr Wallach's company, and his
product line of Plant Derived Majestic Earth Colloidal Minerals are described on the full length tape" Dead Doctors Don't lie". If you enjoyed his tape, you'll love his products. There are many 90 minute versions of this tape going around sent by companies other than Youngevityy, the truth is parts have been cut off for the purpose of bait and switch


  • Seems to end abruptly
  • Makes no references to his book Lets Play Doctor
  • He does not explain the causes of Migraine headaches
  • Ends at the mention of the Clark mine
  • Ends before mention of the mine in Utah
  • Came from anyone other than Wallach's company
  • Doed not mention the mine in the Prehistoric Valley in Utah.
  • Does not explain how to detect malabsorbtion disease
  • If his last words are "What they do have is colloidal minerals"
  • Or "When they examined it for two years, it only had sixty colloidal minerals in it."

Your tape has been edited by those who would use Dr Wallach to promote some "off" brand line of "bargain" mineral products. I am sure you will want to hear the rest of this lecture just as Dr Wallach intended. If for any reason you feel that the tape you received has been altered from the original, or came from anyone other than Youngevityy, please contact me and I will send you the lecture.

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Minerals are essential to life itself!
Colloidal Minerals

 These pages are dedicated to those of you looking to improve your health with alternative health options.

For the last 1000 years the focus of the health care industry has been to treat the symptoms, Alternative Health Care is the natural approach to treating the cause of illness and disease. If you're here you are like many others who have decided to take control of their own health and future by seeking nutritional solutions to health rather than the more commonly accepted "medical" solutions.

Don't Risk Your Family's Health!
Learn The Health Secrets The Medical Community Doesn't Want You To Know!

Here Is What We Have To Offer

1. Dead Doctors Don't Lie

  • Find out why the average Medical Doctor will not live past the age of 58!
  • An unbelievable tape by Dr. Joel D. Wallach,1991 Nobel Prize Nominee
  • Learn why 300,000 Americans are killed needlessly in hospitals each year
  • Learn how DVM's helped Arthritis,Diabetes,and Ulcers in animals 20 yrs ago!
  • Find out what your Doctor doesn't want you to know about Nutrition.
  • This Tape Is A Must For Anyone Concerned With Their Health !


 2. Free

This is a must have taped lecture by Dr. Wallach outlining his work in nutrition and Alternative Preventive Health Care. Here he lays out some possible solutions for a mineral starved world, and how it relates to common health problems. This tape has been widely distributed and warmly received around the world. Here it is for you in it's full length version

This is the Full version. It is, and fully authorized. We endorse only those products from Dr Wallach's company Youngevityy. This is the tape that started it all! I know there is alot of hoopla out there about a missing two minutes, the truth is that there is over 30 minutes edited from the original lecture. This tape is complete. The doctor clearly lays out which products to use,and why to use the plant derived Colloidal Minerals. There are several companies claiming to have the truth about this tape, BUT if they are not promoting Dr Wallach's products, they themselves are the worst offenders of bait and switch.


4.The lost technology of preventing aneurysms

Here's a good one. Dr S.C., 38 years old. Dead of a ruptured aneurysm. Even a turkey wouldn't die of a ruptured aneurysm! It's easy to prevent. We learned this in 1957......

Colloidal Minerals,American Longevity

Minerals are important for your health!

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Colloidal Minerals
The answer for Trace Mineral Nutrition

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These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Please contact your physician.

Majestic Earth Minerals - 32 oz.- #13203

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Majestic Earth has 7 major and 65 minor Colloidal Trace Minerals which go into instant action in your body. Majestic Earth Coloidal Minerals is nature's original, unaltered, time proven formula. It's non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. The minerals occur in naturally varying amounts measured in milligrams, PPM (parts per million) or PPB (Parts per billion) Majestic Earth is in a natural balanced form for greatest benefit, it is 98% absorbable(colloid the smallest particle) by the body. It is the only Mineral product that is 100% safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. No sweetners no additives its just the way mother nature intended it to be.