Colloidal Minerals:Untold Part of Transcript of the ORIGINAL "Dead Doctors Don't Lie!" tape by Doctor Wallach!


Colloidal Mineral Doctor Joel Wallach
Doctor Joel Wallach

"The Famous Missing 2 Minutes"

Portions A or B Have Been Edited out by some companies.

"Are these Colloidal Minerals important? You bet your life they're important and every time you don't take them in every day, you're chopping off a few hours or a few days of your life. Okay. Now most people are not going to go to Hunza or Tibet or Titicaca because we don't have Kenmore kitchens there or even Saturn cars or TV channel changers or electricity. They don't have insulated houses. They don't have central heating or air conditioning. But what they do have is colloidal minerals!
(A) Now, the only place you can get these in the United States is from a
Prehistoric Valley in southern Utah, that according to geologists seventy-five million years ago, have sixty to seventy-two minerals in the walls, in the floor of that valley and those trees and the grasses in that valley and that forest took up all the metallic minerals and made colloidal minerals in their tissues. About that time there was a volcanic eruption which entombed that valley with a thin layer of mud and ash, not thick enough or heavy enough to crush or pressurize this into oil or coal. It was very dry in here so it never became fossilized or petrified. Okay. Never became rock. Today, if you put a shaft into this valley, it's still just dried hay. I've bucked a lot of hay bales, so I know what hay looks like. And this stuff is just hay. It's seventy-five million years old hay according to geologists. You can still see the grass and the leaves and the twigs and the pine cones and the bark and so forth. And we grind this plant material up into a flour, very small particle sized flour, just like a good wheat flour and for three to four weeks we soak it in filtered spring water and when it reaches a specific gravity of 3.0. it's very heavy, it has thirty eight grams of this Colloidal Mineral in it per quart or liter and by actual analysis it has sixty Colloidal Minerals in it!

(B) This particular product has been on the market since 1926. It's the only nutritional product on the market that has a legal consent decree from a federal court and an approval from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to be harvested and sold as a nutritional supplement. Everybody else who has a vitamin or mineral or 'whatnot' just follows the labeling requirements of the FDA. This is the only one that, in fact, has a federal consent decree to do it because it passed all their tests. It's the only one that has been put to this level of test because it works. People were running around twelve to fifteen years ago saying,
"Hey, my arthritis got better." " My diabetes got better." "Early cataracts went away." "My white hair turned black again." "My knee arthritis got better." And so they thought, "Oh, they must be putting cortisone, pretisone, antibiotics or drugs in that stuff." When they examined it for two years, it only had sixty colloidal minerals in it!


Breaker-Breaker -Ten four Good Buddy-Lets go to the Rest of the tape before Barbara Ends and gives Doctor Wallach a Good Hand!!! Higher Ideals and New Vision doesn't give you the


Typical 89-96 Minute Ending BARBARA: "Dr. Joel Wallach, would you all give him a big hand." (END OF TAPE.)

Minerals are important for your health!

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