Biological Suprise deficiancies in arsenic, might cause various health problems.


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Biochemical Surprises

It may surprise you to find out that our body relies on substances that we normally think of as toxic. For instance, the vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin) is a form of cyanide. According to the FASEB Journal humans need approximately 12 mg/day of arsenic. Studies have shown that deficiencies in arsenic can cause depressed growth, impaired fertility, and myocardial damage.

Chlorine is another fine example of an element that most people are wary of. As you know, chlorine is one of the components of hydrochloric acid. It is also used to disinfect the water that we drink and that we swim in. Furthermore, there is a chlorine gas that is toxic when inhaled. You might want to seriously consider the health risk that you would face if you exposed yourself to these types of chlorine for any length of time.

But, did you know that your body absolutely needs the plant-derived mineral form of chlorine just to maintain proper digestion of foods? It's true.


As you can see, the phrase "A rose by any other name is still a rose" doesn't apply in these cases. Sometimes a name or partial information can be extremely misleading. In other words, sometimes your body can benefit from substances that most people mistakenly equate with poison.

We would do well to remember that we are often prejudiced by preconceived notions and/or myths. For instance, if you were given a bowl of applesauce and told that it contained a very high count of living bacteria, would you eat it? Many people wouldn't - they would be disgusted.

The reason for this negative reaction is that they equate all bacteria with harmful germs. To a certain extent, this reaction can be appreciated. All of our lives, we have been told that bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, and a host of others, in high concentrations, can kill us. What we are not repeatedly told is that there are several strains of good bacteria which are necessary for healthy living. Therefore, to many people, bacteria is a bad guy. Period. Again, this is a view that cannot be upheld by scientific or medical evaluation.


If we applied this type of association with other parts of our lives, we would be too afraid to enjoy life. Many people would never enjoy a kiss or have an intimate relationship. We would be afraid to breathe because the same oxygen that helps us to live also causes free-radicals to form in our body. Life would become misery.

The Receipe for a Good Life!

Minerals are important for your health!

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