Doctor Wallach on Colloidal Minerals and heavy metals and poisons.


Doctor Joel Wallach

 What About Heavy Metals and Poisons in relation to Colloidal Minerals?

We are told that no one should ever ingest a supplement that contains elemental nickel, lead, arsenic, iodine, aluminum, titanium and other such minerals due to the possibility of toxic build-up. This is good advice. Most heavy metals are toxic to the body.

The problem with this advice is that it often confuses those who don't know the difference between plant-derived, organic minerals and minerals that are sourced from rocks. The implication is made that these minerals are dangerous in any form - organic or inorganic. This simply is not true. There is a world of difference.

Unfortunately, many nutritional 'experts' group plant-derived colloidal minerals with metallic minerals regardless of the fact that elemental minerals can come from sources such as soil, clay, oyster shell, limestone, and sea salts - among others.

Due to this illogical grouping, they assert that the heavy metals that are contained in elemental minerals are the same as those found in plant-derived colloidal minerals. This just isn't the case. As already stated, once fulvic acid acts upon metallic (elemental) mineral and transforms it, the mineral can then be stored in plant-tissues as an organic substance. So, even though the mineral, which is now organic, retains its former title (e.g., lead, arsenic, etc.) it is chemically altered so that it is no longer the same substance.

A good example of this is a chunk of coal and a diamond.

Diamonds and coal are very similar to one another since a diamond starts out as a piece of coal. However, through a process of heat, pressure, and time the coal is altered in form and becomes something completely different.

This reckless classification has led many people to believe that the s o-called toxic minerals are bad regardless of their source. The aluminum which is found in foods is a good example. This type of aluminum is not only tied to oxygen or silica (hydroxide or aluminum silica), but it has been preassimilated by a plant and is naturally ionic. Both of these types of aluminum are organic and beneficial and are used as food additives throughout the world.

Colloidal Minerals are not Toxic.

Minerals are important for your health!

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