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Item # PJ330 30 Cnt $59.95
2 Boxes # PJ2330 30 Cnt $114.95

Common Pollen Burst Questions

Is There a Lot of Sugar In The Pollen Burst?

NO! One packet of Pollen Burst contains ONLY 10 grams of sugar per 8 ounce Pollen Burst drink - one packet serving. 10 grams of sugar is actually very low for an energy drink and even low when compared to most foods we commonly eat.

Most common foods contain more sugar than Pollen Burst:

cup of unsweetened applesauce 11 grams of Sugar
Small can of V8 Juice 12 grams of Sugar
One tbsp. of grape jelly 13 grams of Sugar
One cup of plain rice milk 15 grams of Sugar
One cup of tomato soup 15 grams of Sugar
Cup of dried cranberries 18 grams of Sugar
Orange Juice 8 oz 28 grams of Sugar

Most energy drinks contain far more sugar that Pollen Burst:

Pollen Burst 10 grams of Sugar
Rock Star Cola 27 grams of Sugar
Red Bull 27.75 grams of Sugar
So Be Energy 32 grams of Sugar
Arizona Ice Tea Energy 33 grams of Sugar
Can of Coca Cola 39 grams of Sugar

Even the healthiest, low sugar nutrition bars have a minimum of 10 -15 grams of sugar ­ for the smaller, 6oz. bars. Don't bother looking at the larger, less healthy energy bars - they go as high as 25+ grams!

Taking Pollen Burst will actually lessen the amount of sugar you ingest daily by providing more energy to your body, (without excess natural sugar, artificial sugar substitutes or stimulants) and satisfying excess appetites as well!

How Much Caffeine Is In Pollen Burst and How Does That Compare to Other Products I take?

Pollen Burst lists the actual amount of caffeine in the product. This amount is 75 mg per 8 ounce drink mix. The source of the caffeine in Pollen Burst is all natural and comes from the green tea included in the formulation.

Unfortunately for consumers, many companies do not list out that actual or real amount of caffeine in their products. Many companies make assessing the caffeine in their products very difficult by using multiple caffeine sources: Caffeine, green tea, guarana, cocoa and other common ingredients.

Caffeine content for common products:

Chocolate Bar 30 mg
Anacin (for headache) 32 mg
Soda/Cola Can 45­60 mg
Iced Tea 12 oz 70 mg
Red Bull Can (energy drinks) 80 mg
Brewed Coffee (8 oz ­ small) 80-135 mg
Espresso (1.5-2 oz) 100 mg
Drip Coffee (8 oz ­ small) 115 ­ 175 mg
Dexatrim 1 tablet 200 mg

Pollen Burst Seems Expensive ­ Is it?

Pollen Burst costs $2.25 per packet (including tax and shipping in California) if purchased one 30-packet box at a time and $1.66 per packet (plus tax and shipping) if you purchase two 30-packet boxes at a time. You can purchase Pollen Burst at lower prices when purchasing larger quantities.

Prices for common drinks:

McDonald's Medium Soda $1.60
Pollen Burst $1.66 - $1.86
Starbucks Medium Coffee $1.80
Energy Drinks (Red Bull, SoBe, Arizona Ice Tea, Rock Star, etc.) $2.50 - $3.50

Pollen Burst is less expensive than most of the popular energy drinks on the market today. Not only is Pollen Burst a better bargain, it also healthier than most of the alternatives which commonly contain artificial sugars, artificial colors, artificial preservatives and high sugar and carbohydrate contents.

Most drinks people take for energy are not as healthy or as powerful as Pollen Burst. Nor do they help with inflammation or anti-aging. Many rely on heavy stimulants to temporarily push up your energy level, only to have it crash a few hours later. One Pollen Burst gives the average person a healthy, calm energy that lasts ALL DAY, with no crashes afterward!

Will I be Allergic to the Pollen in Pollen Burst?

NO! The allergic portion of the pollen grain has been removed.

The pollen in Pollen Burst is from Flower Pollen (not bee pollen). The pollen contained within Pollen Burst is hypo-allergenic and made at pharmaceutical standards. The flower pollen used in Pollen Burst is mechanically collected from specifically selected crops. The flower pollen has its allergic outer husk (shell) removed and the inner nutrient core is separated for use in Pollen Burst. The flower pollen inner nutrient core is nature's perfect whole-food source and contains over 180 important nutrients essential for a healthy life.

How Is Pollen Burst Different Than Juicing, or Taking Other Whole-Food Supplements or Phytonutrients?

First of all, phytonutrients are simply nutrients that come from plants. Pollen Burst is FULL of phytonutrients like Flower Pollen, SOD (from vegetable sources) and Green Tea. In fact all the ingredients found in Pollen Burst are naturally derived from vegetable sources.

Juicing is when a person or company (a pre-made product) squeezes fruits and vegetable in order to create a juice. Some people make juices of single vegetables / fruits (carrot, wheat grass, apple, orange, grapefruit, etc) or juices that contain combination of fruits and vegetables. Flower Pollen is actually considered the ultimate form of juicing. Flower pollen contains the entire nutrient core of a plant at its most basic, potent and pure point. It captures the vital, life-giving nutrients that make up the nutrient core of the pollen grain. Pollen is nature's perfect food source.

Minerals are essential to life itself!

Item # PJ330 30 Cnt $59.95
2 Boxes # PJ2330 30 Cnt $114.95

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