New vision or rather a new vision for Dead Doctors Don't Lie, have your heard the whole tape!


Dead Doctors Don't Lie Audio Tape Lecture.

This is not New Vision but Youngevityy

But our Colloidal Minerals are Plant Derived Minerals not Metallic Minerals from
Clay Sea Beds. Will your company tell you the source, if not why not so be careful.

A New Vision of Nutritionals can be heard on the whole uncut tape-Did you receive a Tape with the part missing about the Prehistoric Valleu in Southern Utah wheir Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals Come from. Some companies without a New Vision have left an important part left off their Dead Doctors Don't Lie Tape by Doctor Joel Wallach because they do not get their Minerals from Utah and donot use REAL PLANT DERIVED COLLOIDAL MINERALS.

New Vision for Nutritional Products are spoken about on the Dead Doctors Don't Lie tape.

dead doctor sdon't lie
There are many 90-92 minute versions of the "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" tape going around. The truth is portions have been removed by some companies for the purpose of bait and switch.

Has your Dead Doctors Don't Lie tape been edited by those who would use Dr Wallach to promote an off brand of mineral products? I am sure you will want to hear the rest of this lecture just as Dr Wallach intended. If for any reason you feel that the tape you received has been altered from the original please contact me and I will send the unedited lecture on tape cassette. This is provided here for the purpose of continuity, and clairification of the origin of the tape only.


  • Find out why the average Medical Doctor only lives to age 58
  • Learn why 300,000 Americans die "needlessly" in hospitals each year
  • Hear the stunning truth about nutrition your Doctor does not want you to hear
  • Learn how DVM's helped Arthritis, Diabetes, and Ulcers in animals over 20 years ago .
  • Doctor Wallach explains his Majestic Earth Colloidal Mineral products from Youngevityy.
  • Hear the missing portion of Dead Doctors Don't lie that New Visions Distributors hope you never ever hear, since their Dead Doctors Don;t Lie tapes sent out in times past had the portion removed that spoke about a prehistoric valley in Southern Utah where Plant Derived Minerals come from .

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