Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals versus Clay Sea Bed Minerals



Plant Derived Minerals verus Clay Sea Bed Minerals

Plant minerals like those obtained from tomatoes, brocoli, potatoes, oranges, etc. are different from metallic minerals. Their size and molecular weight is much smaller than mettalic minerals and in most cases the plant derived minerals are attached to a different molecule even though they possess the same name. we predict that the scientific industry will change the name of plant mineralsin the future. We believe this will occur after they eventually realize plant mineralsfunction differently than mettalic elements. Please review the logarithm scale at right. This was supplied to us ny Dr. ranville of the Colorado School of Mines.
  The scale reveals that clay, silt, and hydrophobic metallic minerals, on average, are considerably larger tham hydophilic acids or hydrophilic plant mineals. The figures at the top from left, to right, are measurements in microns. As an example, 10-4 is 10 times smaller than 10-3, and 10-9 is 10 times smaller than 10-8 etc. The expnents of 10 clearly indicate that bacteria, viruses, clay and humic metallic metal complexes are condiderablylarger than hydrophic complexes such as hydrophelic plant derived minerals. Pure plant derived minerals can be pumped through a pharmaceutical grade, .10 micron (absolute) filter. Most metallic minerals will not pass through this small membrane. Only the water passes through. Note: A water molecule is only slightly smaller than hydrophelic complexes. The small size andwater solubility are one of the reasons so many nutritionists believe plant minerals are much easier to assimilate or absorb than metallic minerals. The small size of a plant mineral gives it much more surface area, Therefore, the Hydrocloric Acid in the stomach comes in contact with considerably more surface area allowing for much more and possibly 100% assimilation. The bottom portion of the scale relates to the weight of the particle which is measured in atomic mass units or AMUs or Daltons. A Dalton is a measurement of molecules and atoms. When reviewing the scale it is plain to see that the molecular weight of hydrophelics is considerably less than metallic complexes. In short, this clearly indicates there isas much difference in, generally known, "colloidal minerals" and "plant derived minerals as day and night.
   Each company in the mineral business has the responsibility to provide you, the customer, with substancial tests from certified laboratories, on thelaboratory letterhead, bearing the signature of a cetifies chemist. You must ask for it. It may even be advisable to verify that the test is authenic, because we know of several which are not. At best, do not settle for an analysis that comes to you on the sales company's letterhead. Also, at your request, they should allow you to visit their mine/mineral source and processing and bottling facility. If they are reluctant to do this, they are probably afraid of being exposed as frauds.
   Many articles have been written about colloidal minerals within the health industry that are controversial and outright false. Some of the controversy came about because of the unbelievable claims about the benefits of minerals. the truth is that your body is composed of approximately 92% minerals, which are essentail catalysts for vitamins, and are the building blocks for your blood, tissue, organs and cellular reproduction. Unfortunately, even the best organically gwoen foods only contain an average of 20 minerals and most supplements contain even less. The other controversy is teh mislabeling of so called colloidal mineral supplementson the market toaday. First of all, the word "colloidal" is defined as, "Anything which is broken down to the smallest divisible point while still maintaining the same characteristics of a whole". Example, steam is a colloid of water, which doesn't mean they are plant derived! Most colloidal trace minerals are metallic rock minerals from ground up clay, rocks, soil or Sea Salts and should not be confused with true plant derived hydophelic minerals, which are superior to hard to digest metallic minerals. Not only do plant derived colloial minerals have a full spectrum of minerals, they are predigested by the plant providing instant nutrition for the body, much like mothers milk to an infant.

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