New Way To Fight Premature Aging And Disease! free radical damage is at the very root of everything from
wrinkles to frightening degenerative diseases like arthritis, cancer and heart disease


Cell Shield RTQ™ - 60 capsules
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Cell Shield RTQ™ delivers a highly bioavailable, proprietary blend of three powerful antioxidants (Resveratrol, Turmeric, and Quercetin) for potent protection against cell-damaging free radicals.* SUGGESTED USE: Take two capsules per day.Supplement Facts

Cell Shield RTQ™ delivers a highly bioavailable proprietary blend of three powerful antioxidants (Resveratrol Turmeric and Quercetin) for potent protection against cell-damaging free radicals. For best results use Cell Shield RTQ™ as part of a full nutritional program that includes Beyond Tangy Tangerine® and Ultimate™ EFA Plus™.* SUGGESTED USE: Take two capsules per day. WARNING: If you are pregnant nursing or taking medications consult your healthcare professional before using this or any other product. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Ingredients: Quercetin Dihydrate, Turmeric Root, Resveratrol, Vegetables Capsule, Magnesium Silicate, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Vegetable Cellulose.
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A "Radical" New Way To Fight Premature Aging And Disease!

Enhancing Your Genetic Potential

What you are about to discover is a truly amazing breakthrough. But you'd better act quickly - your biological clock is ticking and every moment counts!

Who Says You Can't Live Past 100?

It's your 100th birthday and the family's in town to celebrate. It's almost time to cut the cake, but first, you want to work up an appetite by taking your great-grandchildren for a nice long walk in the park.

If you think this sounds a little far-fetched, you're wrong! Scientists now know that virtually everyone has the genetic potential to enjoy good health for well over 100 years. Even more important, they've finally isolated the chemical invader responsible for virtually all premature aging and degenerative disease! It's called a free radical, and it can cause everything from wrinkles to devastating killers like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Reducing free radical damage is your single most powerful weapon against premature aging and chronic disease and it's easy once you know how!

Facts about

How Do Free Radicals Attack You?

Free radicals are highly unstable chemical buzz-bombs that continuously bombard the delicate membranes and genetic structures (DNA) of your cells. This can cause your genetic code to change slightly as your cells replicate. These changes are known as mutations and they can snowball dangerously over time, creating more and more problems. Scientists now know that free radical damage is at the very root of everything from wrinkles to frightening degenerative diseases like arthritis, cancer and heart disease. What are you doing to protect yourself?

Where Do Free Radicals Come From?

Throughout your entire lifetime - every second of every day - your body produces huge amounts of free radicals as a by-product of your metabolism. You produce free radicals even faster in times of stress, disease and exercise. You also pick them up from pollutants such as cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, sunlight, food additives, pharmaceuticals and other pollutants. Today's environment is an absolute cesspool of free radicals, and the situation is getting worse every day!

How Does Your Body Defend Against Free Radicals?

Fruits, vegetables and certain other foods provide you with an array of nutrients that naturally prevent the formation of free radicals in the body. These nutrients are known as antioxidants. Other nutrients protect you by inactivating free radicals before they can do any harm. These nutrients are called free radical scavengers. Unfortunately, studies show that today's commercially produced fruits and vegetables no longer contain the amount of nutrients they used to. And even if they did, our atmosphere has become so polluted that you can no longer get enough free radical fighters from food alone and even if you eat the recommended 5 - 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day!

In other words, it's now IMPOSSIBLE to adequately protect yourself from free radical damage unless you supplement your diet with effective free radical-fighting nutrients. No wonder so many people suffer from cancer, diabetes and other mystery diseases!

Which Antioxidants And Free Radical Scavengers Does Your Body Need?

The most well known free radical fighters are beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, and selenium. However, during recent years several far more potent antioxidants and free radical scavengers have been found.


Suggested Use :
One capsule twice daily or as advised by your Health Care Practitioner.


Serving Size = 2 Capsule Amount Per
2 Capsules

Cell Shield™ Proprietary Blend 400 mg
N-Acetyl Cysteine
Milk Thistle Seed (Silybum marianum)
Bilberry Extract (berries)
Lycopene (tomato extract)
Grape Seed Extract
Co-enzyme Q10
Other Ingredients: Gelatin, water, rice flour, magnesium stearate

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