Calcium Supplementation for Bone Density and Osteoporosis

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Studies have shown that Calcium Intake is essential to keep good Bone Density.Formulated for high absorption and increased uptake of calcium and magnesium. This product is an ideal supplement for these major minerals.

University studies have shown what was suspected for a long time - trace minerals are needed for optimal absorption and retention of calcium.
Ultimate Cal contains the minerals that have been shown to improve the uptake of calcium. This is the choice for anyone who is concerned about getting enough calcium.

120 Capsules per bottle
UltimateCal #21221


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Case of 4 $84.95

What is Osteoporosis?

Mayo Clinic Health Education
Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which bones become thinner and more porous (see diagram 1). It is usually a painless disease until a bone breaks or fractures. Fractures are the most common result of osteoporosis. More than 1.5 million osteoporosis-related fractures occur each year in the United States, mostly in older women. These fractures are usually in the spine, hip and wrist.

What causes osteoporosis?

Although not all causes of osteoporosis are known, loss of estrogen, due to menopause, is a known factor for women. Osteoporosis is most common in older women. About 25% of women older than 60 years have osteoporosis. Women who either have had early menopause or their ovaries surgically removed before age 45, without receiving estrogen treatment, also are more likely to develop osteoporosis. Other factors that make you likely to get osteoporosis include small body frame, excessive use of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and doing excessively strenuous exercise that stops menstrual periods.

Additional factors known to cause or lead to osteoporosis include:

  • A family history of the disease
  • Low dietary intake of calcium
  • The use of some medications such as prednisone or other steroids
  • Certain hormonal disorders such as hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism and Cushings disease
  • Other diseases such as chronic liver disease and intestinal disorders

Aging is another factor in the cause of osteoporosis. Without treatment, men and women lose one to three percent of their bone mass each year after age 50. As life expectancies increase, osteoporosis may become even more prevalent unless preventive measures are taken.


Doctor Joel Wallach and his Pig Pack Formula can be for those that are one of the 20 million Americans who has listened to Doctor Wallachs "Dead Doctors Don't Lie! - the audio tape by Dr. Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, The Mineral Doctor? Doctor Wallach has advocated that this formula may comfort those with artthritis pain and associated joint problems.

Pig Pack Formula from Youngevityy has made ordering the products for the Pig Pack Formula much easier. You can buy all those products at one time. Included in the pig pack is 2 Majestic Earth Minerals #13203, 2 Majestic Earth Ultimate Tangy Tangerine #13221, 1 Ultimate Gluco Gel #21251 and 1 Ultimate E.F.A. #20641 .

Look also at our Liquid Gluco Gel with MSM, Glucosame Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, Cetylmyristoleate, and Collagen Hydrolysate. Check out Liquid Osteo fx an easy way to get your 1200mg of Daily Calcium with MSM and Glucosame Sulfate.

Pig Pack - Wholesale Price: 13209C&price=164.95

Majestic Earth Osteo fx - 32 oz.- #13209
Liquid Calcium
Calcium is one of the most important nutrients your body needs. Unfortunately, many people believe that taking calcium enriched anti-acid tablets or other related products will give them all the calcium they need. That is far from the truth. You see, in order for calcium to be efficiently absorbed by your body, it needs other mineral co-factors.
Majestic Earth Osteo fx was developed with this in mind. It is a highly bio-available liquid concentrate because it contains the necessary vitamins and minerals, the co-factors, necessary to help you absorb the calcium. You get more than 100% of your Daily Value (RDA) from just one ounce of Majestic Earth OsteoFx . You will love the pleasant vanilla taste and it goes great with a NaturesWhey shake.

Price: $42.95



Minerals are essential to life itself!