Amino Acids are the basis of all life forms, and all life forms rely on amino acids for food.

Amino acids are the basis of all life forms, and all life forms rely on amino acids for food. There are 22 amino acids and all are vital to our longevity. Other than water, amino acids are the most abundant substance in our bodies.representing 75% of the body's dry weight. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, and proteins are part of every one of those cells. The human body has over 40,000 known combinations of the amino acids that make up the building blocks of proteins.
These building blocks are 20 times more plentiful in the body than vitamins. They are 4 times more plentiful in the human body than minerals, however, minerals, as we know, are an essential part of the more complex amino acids and proteins.
Amino acids not only combine with other amino acids to form new ones, but they combine with minerals to form more complex amino acid complexes. Almost all the nutrients we ingest are made up of amino acidsexcept minerals. Examples: vitamins, enzymes and probiotics are all complex forms of amino acids.The more complex the protein, the more processes in the body it takes to break it down to its free form state. We want the amino acids to be more readily available their free form state. Less than .1% of all protein in your body is in this free form state. (Just as an aside, that's why our whey protein powder is so wonderful. The proteins are in their most simple state.) Plasma amino acids are generally those immediately available.
Amino acids are the basis of all life forms, and all life forms rely on amino acids for food. A way to picture this: just as a chemist uses a periodic table to simplify all matter into elements nutritionist might be able to use the basic 22 amino acids to combine the building blocks of all life. If our body is working right, it can make about 13 of the amino acids itself. There are 9 essential amino acids that must be ingested.
Essential – must be ingested.
Nonessential – can only be made by the body when the essential amino acids are present with their cofactors in adequate amounts. Conditionally essential (6) – means that certain circumstances (i.e. illness, age, poor diet, enzyme deficiency, stress, allergies and pollution) they are considered essential. But really, in certain situations, any amino acid could be considered essential. Each protein complex is made up of amino acids. The amino acids must be in the correct proportions and they all must be there in the matrix, or the protein may fall apart or malfunction. It's only as strong as its weakest link!
It all starts with digestion. This is where the protein bonds are broken down first into peptides, then releasing free form amino acids into the body to be used where required. The go to the most life preserving pathways or places first. If there aren't enough available, the body's rebuilding processes suffer.
The ability to break down protein into free form amino acids differs for each person. Many factors such as aging, poor diet, lack of digestive enzymes, erratic sleep patterns, stress, lack of exercise, food allergies, environmental pollution and illness may result in an amino acid deficiency.
This is why supplements and quality supplements are so critical. We can't direct amino acids where we want them to be in our bodies. We can't regulate our digestion although we're constantly working on improving our health. So supplementing with the most simple and free form of amino acids, reduces the possibility of digestion struggles, and sends the aminos on their way. Minutes after the free form aminos are available to the stomach, they are available to the blood stream!! You have essentially bypassed the conversion and breakdown of the protein bonds and gone straight to the bloodstream!

Enter AYoungevityy products: Classic Ultimate, Tangy Tangerine Ultimate ! Each of these products contain the following amino acids, in their free form:

Alanine – used by the body as fuel, mainly by the brain, nervous system and muscles. Important cofactor in the storage of energy from the body's Dreb cycle. Used to produce glucose. Known to build the immune system and be helpful in the post-injury state.
Arginine – (essential) to children and conditionally essential to adults. Increases protein synthesis, protects against tumor and cancer formation, regulates hormone secretion, and in creases polyamine synthesis and thymus function. Aids in the stimulation of the body's own human growth hormones (HGH). This increases wound healing, ensures that fat is burned more efficiently and that muscle tissue is built up. Once HGH is released, the body can build muscle and bone, and use fat stored while involved in insulin production. It's an important part of any weight loss program. Helpful for the liver. May increase the motility (the ability of sperm to move) and normal sperm count and contribute greatly to resolving problems of infertility. The body needs Arginine to repair itself properly, occur naturally during a state of sleep.
Aspartic Acid – thought to increase stamina and therefore fight fatigue. Assists in detoxification of ammonia. Promotes uptake of other toxins from the bloodstream and trace elements in the gut. Assists in the transport of magnesium and potassium to cells.
Cystine – needed for healthy skin and hair. Promotes a faster recovery from surgery/injury, and increases white cell activity in the immune system increasing resistance to disease. May help with respiratory problems such as bronchitis.
Glutamic Acid – known as brain fuel and a calming agent against anxiety. Precursor to Gaba, a component of GTF and is required for the production of other non-essential amino acids and folic acid. Assists in the metabolization of sugars and fats and is abundant in the brain as a neurotransmitter sending messages from one brain cell to the next. Increases firing of neurons in the nervous system. Helps correct personality disorders. The brain converts it to a compound that regulates brain activity. A deficiency results in brain damage.
Glycine – the simplest amino acid. Is responsible for proper muscle function and the freeing of energy to be used by them. Builds the immune system by producing antibodies and is effective as an anti-acid.
Histidine – (essential) builds the immune system. Found effective when used in the treatment of allergic diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcers. May help unblock nasal passages, resolve redness and swelling.
Isoleucine – (essential) is part of branch chain amino acids and important in hemoglobin formation, and thererefore, healthy blood and the transport of oxygen in the body. Important in the regulation of blood sugar levels.
Leucine – (essential) is part of branch chain amino acids and believed to be responsible for lowering high blood sugar levels, and is important in the healing of bones, skin and muscle tissue.
Lysine – (essential) may inhibit the growth of viruses and is most well known for its use in soothing the effects of herpes. May improve endurance to stress and battle fatigue. Important for vegetarians. Aids in the absorption of calcium and deficiencies could lead to calcium excretion (kidney stones) and possible dwarfness. Strengthens the thymus gland and immune system. Important in collagen formation in tissue, necessary for neutralizing viruses and repairing damage to the eye lens.
Methionine – (essential) along with other body substances such as selenium, detoxifies heavy metals (such as lead) and excessive levels of Histamine. A powerful antioxidant preventing free radical damage to tissues. Produces choline, a brain food, and may help with the digestive system, helps in the breakdown of fats, prevents the buildup of fat in the liver and arteries, premature hair loss and fight fatigue. Beneficial for people with allergies. Along with Acidophilus and Bifidus, helps increase neuro-transmitters in the brain. Helps create adrenaline which controls sexual activity and mitigates the effects of high histamine levels and prevents premature ejaculation. Should be taken with calcium.
Phenylalanine – (essential) in the L-form required by the thyroid for normal function, thought to control appetite, and act as an anti-depressant by increasing moods. May enhance the ability to learn and the retention of memory. Produces neurotransmitters that the brain uses to manufacture norepinephrine, a natural stimulant that creases a sense of well being. Involved in the production of phenylethylamine, a brain stimulant. Being used today by many as an appetite suppressant in obesity. A precursor to norepinephrine (the brain's version of adrenaline) and dopamine in the brain. Helpful after an allergic reaction, cold or flu to restore sense of well being. Promotes relief from symptoms that may interfere with normal sleep.
Proline – (non-essential) acid critical to the proper functioning and formation of tendons, joints and heart muscle.
Serine-(non-essential) known to increase the immune system by building up antibodies, aid in the proper metabolism of fats and fatty acids, and assist in the growth of muscles.
Threonine- (essential) is thought to help maintain the proper protein balance in the body and prevent fatty buildup in the liver. May boost the immune system by forming antibodies and immunoglobulins. Helps regulate the central nervous system.
Tyrosine- (non-essential) found to elevate the mood and is conditionally effective against depression. Helps to form red and white blood cells and enhance the immune function. Known to suppress the appetite; and may aid in losing excess weight. May stimulate growth hormone release for positive muscle growth and the burning off of excess fat. Helps break down Phenylalanine. A lack of it trigger a deficiency of the hormone norphinephrine, resulting in depression and mood disorders. Used to synthesize epinephrine and dopamine.
Valine- (essential) is part of the branch chain amino acids and key to the proper nitrogen balance of the body. It may aid in improving muscle metabolism and tissue repair; very helpful for after surgery or other stress put on the body such as most forms of exercising or heavy weight training.

Every amino acid requires cofactors to function at its best or at all, therefore never take amino acids as single ingredients! Because Youngevityy's products: Classic Ultimate, Tangy Tangerine Ultimate and Sports Tech formulations have superior safety and potency, the use of these combinations are becoming more common than plain vitamin combinations and certainly are directly competing with over the counter or prescribed pharmaceutical remedies for common ailments caused by nutritional deficiencies.

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